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H & H Mack Sales, Inc. has experienced tremendous growth since inception in 1993. The primary reason for this growth has been the team (employees) we have hired and developed during this period. We expect and demand a high level of performance and professionalism from each and every employee within the company. Individuals are required to be self-motivated, hardworking, and dedicated to the over-all success of the company. We are a customer service driven organization and we achieve our success through the success and satisfaction of our customers.

Service Department - Diesel Mechanic

Parts Department - Delivery Driver

We invest substantial amounts in developing and maintaining state of the art computerization and tooling throughout our company. Our position in the industry requires we stay ahead of the rapidly changing technology in the truck service and support industry. Accordingly, we require all employees to continually develop their computer and technology skills, and to attend company sponsored training and education classes where appropriate.

We maintain a strong, lean and efficient team of employees in each department. This type of environment is demanding, but creates the following benefits to our company and our employees:

  1. By hiring and smaller but more efficient group of the best available individuals, we are able to pay much higher wages and bonuses than otherwise possible. We pay the highest industry wages in the state.
  2. Opportunities for promotion and advancement are much greater for all members of the team
  3. All employees are treated with respect and equality as part of the team. As such we do not "boss" our people. Instead, our policy is to define the responsibilities for a particular position and then allow the individual in that position to accomplish their respective tasks with minimal supervisor intervention.
  4. All employees are encouraged to offer input and ideas.
  5. Employees are surrounded by other team members who are also hard working and professional.

We offer the following standard benefits to all full time employees:

H & M Mack Sales currently has several open employment positions. In addition to the specific positions listed below, we are always interested in meeting with qualified, self-motivated potential employees for all areas of our dealership, If you feel you have the qualities that are necessary to contribute to the continuing success and growth of our dealership, and would like to explore becoming a member of our team, please send us an email, or call the president of our company, William Horne, directly at (973) 625-3300

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